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All Skaters/players must be register with USA Hockey, the cost is $48.00 per player, this is not refundable:  Learn more about registering with USA hockey 

Players on the Bantam travel teams will be entered into the Valley Hockey league for game play.   Most of the games are on weekends and are hosted at various local rinks.   Games consist of 3 periods, 12 min. each, full sheets with 2 certified referees.   The Bantam travel teams are entered into the Valley Hockey League program out of Haverhill Mass.  All Bantam teams are entered into the American conference and will play 35 games per season, not including playoffs. Teams will enter into a couple of parity rounds which will be adjusted accordingly to their success. 

Also, each team will also represent their community in Mass Hockey District playdowns. District playdowns are run by Mass Hockey and are a one game tournament. If your team wins, they will continue on to the next opponent. This is a “One and Done” (loss) tournament. If your team is lucky enough to continue on in the Playdowns, which numerous Wilmington youth hockey teams have, it is a very exciting opportunity to represent the Town of Wilmington. Club teams do not have this option to represent the town where they are located.  

Teams typically consist of between 12 and 16 skaters, plus 1 to 2 goalies.  Players entering the Bantam level are expected to have a good understanding of the game of hockey, have the ability to skate competitively forward and backwards, stick handle a puck and shoot. Bantam players at this level are preparing themselves for Middle School and High School hockey. It is imperative that respect of the game, respect of coaches, referee’s and opposing players is a fundamental ingredient.

In addition to the single league play, each Bantam team can enter into tournament play which will be at the discretion of the coaching staff(additional cost). These tournaments provide a minimum of 3 preliminary games, with a potential 4th game if the team makes the finals. These tournaments are hosted on weekends/holiday weeks, with one game on Friday (depending on the tournament), and 2 on Saturday with Sunday usually reserved for finals.   


  • Birth Years: 2006 & 2007
  • Program: Bantam Travel Team   
  • Schedule:  Late August – April  
  • Location: Ristuccia - 190 Main Street Wilmington MA 01887
  • Ice Time (on Average):   Two 50 minute practices and 1 one hour long game per week.  Additional practice time added as available.  Practices are held primarily at Ristuccia, between September and end of November, most weeks provide 2 practices; however, this drops to 1 to 2 per week during the Dec.-Feb. high school season due to loss of  ice to the high school teams.  Some practices are full-ice sessions; the majority are half ice practices with another WYHA team.
  • Goal of this level is to:
  1. Continue to develop power skating and puck control skills of the individual player
  2. Continuation of shooting and passing skills and building on these skills.
  3. Concepts of Team play, on ice responsibilities, angling, puck protection etc.
  4. Working on body contact, separating your opponent from the puck, not consciousness.
  5. Competitive play



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