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To be eligible for Game Only registration, players must provide proof of playing in an independent league as a full time player at the time of tryouts.

Game Only players will attend the WYH tryouts and will be ranked amongst all other WYH skaters. Based on the number of Full Time players trying out, the BOD will decide how many, if any, Game Only players will be assigned to a team, with a benchmark of 5 Game Only players per team.   As always, Full Time players will not be turned away and are guaranteed a spot on a WYH team.  The number of Game Only players placed on a team, if any, can vary from level to level. Any Game Only candidate that is turned away may join as a Full Time player. 

Any player who signs up and tries out for Game Only status with WYH but then decides to be a Full Time player after tryouts must notify WYH of their intentions by May 1st of each new program year.

Once assigned to a team, Game Only players will be allowed to play in WYH games for their team.  The exception as teams prepare for playoffs and ice is more available, Game Only players will be invited to practice.  The following dates are when Game Only players may begin to practice for the 2019/20 season:

  • Mites - TBD

  • Squirts through Bantams - TBD

This program will allow Wilmington Youth Hockey to remain competitive for years to come by supplementing their rosters with Wilmington children playing hockey elsewhere.  This creative plan will keep the team concept intact, will keep the kids playing with their school friends, and create an influx of resources otherwise unseen, without having an impact on WYH practice time and space.

Details: Full Time rosters will be augmented with Game Only players to achieve the optimal number of skaters on a team, based on finances and skill level. Full Time Players are guaranteed a spot on a WYH roster. Game Only players are not guaranteed a spot and will be turned away if the Board of Directors determines there are optimal roster sizes without them.

Pricing:  See registration page.



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